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New Sun Rising, LLC is based in Connecticut, owned by Michaela J. Lawlor. NSR offers a variety of services ranging from photography, graphic design, writing, commission-based work, and other creative services. NSR's mission is to create fresh and unique material for its clients that satisfies their needs and - most importantly - makes them happy. Quality of work and professionalism (and of course some fun!) are core values of NSR. We hope you choose New Sun Rising, LLC for all of your creative needs!


My name is Michaela J. Lawlor and I am the owner of New Sun Rising, LLC. I received my Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing in 2021 from Western Connecticut State University where I studied screenwriting and journalism. In 2019, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion Studies with a concentration in Wellness Management, also from WCSU. I love being active, and I enjoy the outdoors; I mountain bike, run, hike, golf, ride horses, and practice yoga. Along with health and fitness, I share a passion for the arts. I love photography, graphic design, drawing, painting, crocheting, music, reading, and, of course, writing, which is why I'm so thrilled that I can channel all of my passions through New Sun Rising and offer my services to you!

Image of a sunrise over a mountain.


The rising sun is symbolic of a new day; a new day to be a better version of ourselves.  We live and breathe by the light of the sun, with each day giving us a fresh slate. Being a morning person, I do my best work bright and early. I feel energized when I watch the spectacular sunrises outside of my window, and it inspires me to create something new every day.

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