My name is Michaela Lawlor and I am the owner and operator of New Sun Rising, LLC. I am a current student working toward a Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing. I am studying screenwriting as my primary genre, and journalism as my secondary. In August 2019, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion Studies with a concentration in Wellness Management. I achieved my CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) Certification in October 2019. Although I majored in health, I share a passion for the arts. I love photography, videography/filmmaking, drawing, painting, music, reading, and writing. With writing, I can combine all of my interests, including art, health, and wellness. I am currently working as a Graduate Assistant at my school. I also work for my family's printing business as a graphic designer. I started working there a decade ago and I think it sparked the creative bug within me and inspired me to become an entrepreneur.  I am excited and grateful to embark on this journey of running a small business. I love being active, and I enjoy the outdoors; I love mountain biking, running, walking, hiking, golf, horseback riding, and yoga.

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My mom helped me come up with "New Sun Rising."  When I was talking to her about ideas for names for this business, she suggested that it be something "close to home."  I grew up in a cozy house in Connecticut and right out of our living room window, we have a beautiful view of every morning's sunrise.  It comes up right over a hill and is a brilliant light show every day. My family has a cabin on a lake in Massachusetts, in which the sun rises over the lake are spectacular. Also, the rising sun is symbolic of a new day; a new day to be a better version of yourself.  We live and breathe by the light of the sun, with each day giving us a fresh slate. Being a morning person, I felt the name was only fitting!