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Reading and Writing Goals for 2023

I’m making it a point to read more this year and I’m using this cute lil journal by Anne Bogel (along with @goodreads) to track my progress.

My reading goals this year are to read 30 books and incorporate more nonfiction/CNF, poetry, and memoir. I have a few novels and short story collections thrown into the mix, too, but I want to try new things!

This semester, I would constantly tell my students that reading makes us stronger writers. I’m also setting some journaling goals for myself, too: I want to journal every day to reflect on my thoughts and feelings, but also jot down ideas, do some story mapping for my novel, and write about the progress toward my goals for the year. Not just reading/writing related goals, but fitness, cycling, photography, business, and general personal goals.

Additionally, I'm going to write a review of every book I read this year to help give those word-smithing muscles a workout — regardless of how old the book is.

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